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Padstow Mosque and Community Centre - Step closer to realising the dream!



An amazing opportunity to demonstrate our strength and solidarity presented itself on the night of Sunday the 2nd of November. A record breaking fundraising milestone of $3.25M to go towards the overall project. This was achieved which owed itself to the collaborative efforts of the Australian Muslim community who attended the evening. In an unprecedented and extraordinary event, the contribution and sacrifice made by all those which attended was also nothing short of awe-inspiring.

A special thanks to those who attended and especially those who donated.

Watch the below video we launched on the night:


We are also offering YOU the opportunity to invest in your future by donating towards the expansion and relocation of an organisation which has gained society’s love, trust and confidence. The UMA has always been the forerunner in serving the needs of the community and needs your support to continue to do so. For more information or to make a donation, please see the details below.

Donations can be made at our offices at 19 Enterprise Ave, Padstow

To make a pledge, please call or email: Brothers 0416 000 862 • Sisters 0420 313 551 • info@uma.org.au

PayPal Online Donation:

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Dhuhr (Midday) PM
Asr (Mid Afternoon) PM
Magrib (Sunset) PM
Isha (Evening) PM

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Support the UMA

With all the activities that the UMA has either initiated or is currently supporting, a lot of resources and effort is needed from many people within and outside the UMA to endorse these projects. One way you can support these activities is through your financial support. Donations can be made using PayPal (Below), Online Direct Debit Setup (details here) or Bank Details (details here).

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